" You can find inspiration in anything, that is the beauty of it"

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Original artwork, beautiful prints, and well crafted merchandise to add some fun and colour to your life and make your everyday space a masterpiece!

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Blog posts and YouTube videos discussing various art topics, the business of art, helping you improve your work, and the latest on my own work!

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Level up your art game, challenge your creativity, broaden your skills, and grow your art business with our online courses! (COMING SOON- Sign up for our e-mailing list to be notified, you don't want to miss out on these exciting new ways to nourish your creative growth!)

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Art Tips

Tips, tricks, hacks, and advice for improving your skill, expanding your creativity, and taking your art game to the next level

Behind the Scenes

The "why" here at Letitia Pfinder HQ, insights, updates and what is happening.

Business of Art

Tips, advice, insights, how, and why; everything to do with art in the business world

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How tos and tutorials

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