About Me

Letitia Pfinder is a contemporary artist, freelance illustrator, and writer in Toronto, ON.  Letitia studied at Centennial College in the Fine Art Studio program where she worked in a large variety of media that included painting, drawing, and sculpting. While in the program she led the FAS Student Council as its secretary and later, its chairperson. She was the recipient of the 2013 FASSIE Spirit Award for her community work through her position. Letitia also has a background in the field of social work which she also attained from Centennial College in which she graduated with honours. Her experience within this field has a considerable influence in her artwork.  Among her often-thought-provoking subject matter Letitia, uses colour as a subject matter all its own.  Aside from her fine art, Letitia also illustrates and writes as Apparently a Mom on her own blog, creates content for and runs two Youtube channels, and accepts freelance illustration work.


Letitia Pfinder on Youtube: www.youtube.com/letitiapfinder

Apparently a Mom: www.apparentlyamom.com

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